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Lemonade Stand Founders

Your mayorship meant you might represent your neighborhood at County Hall when they were deciding on where to build family-friendly parks. The Mayor with the most points was carrying a lot more votes, and maybe that Mayor’s votes represented the overall participation that their neighborhood had delivered in the previous couple of months.

Generation BlahBlah

Sure, we’re a bit** more agile with technology, but everyone else is catching up fast. Sure, that’s given us a bit of a unique profile when it comes to brands that want to sell us things and employers who want to keep us happy, but that’s their rat race.

You’re still buying things, and you probably work for someone.

Love Harder

For a bunch of people who’ve largely never met to come together in secret to make a video for someone they largely haven’t met, just because it’s the right thing to do, says a lot about everyone involved. I feel fortunate to have joined up.

A Thought That Counts

Today I’m handing my blog over to Brandy, because it’s a better use of the space than anything I’d write. She doesn’t know I’m posting this, and I think she’s probably overwhelmed at how many people have.

Conversation Geek

I’m quite a conversation geek.

I know that stems from my father, who to the bone is a relatively anti-social intellectual whom, as he’s matured, places far more value on discourse than he does on emotional interfacing.

What The Who

I’ve reached the point at which I just am the internet. I’m at the tail end of eight months of planning a blogger meetup in Chicago, most of…