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One in Five Facebook Employees Has No Imagination Whatsoever

Interesting perspective on the flow of talent from one of the web’s best companies across the street to the other one. I know of some headed to Twitter, which I think might be a more noble pursuit.

Of course, Facebook is one of the few truly great Internet companies, and it’s easy to understand why anyone would want to work there. But if you’re going to leave the security of the world’s greatest software company, why not leave to try something hard, something raw, something completely different? A successful run at Google is the Silicon Valley equivalent of diplomatic immunity in Lethal Weapon 2:  every venture capitalist wants to give you money and any startup wants to hire you.

You could help someone who actually needs it, you could do something that hasn’t been done before. If you fail, you won’t be poor, and you won’t be unemployed long. I’ve heard Facebook is hiring.

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Written by dshan on November 13, 2010

Why Google Can’t Build Instagram

The startup will always have a place in the ecosystem.

The exec I was talking with said Google Wave had more than 30 people on the team. He had done his own startup and knew the man-month myth. For every person you add to a team, he said, iteration speed goes down. He told me a story of how Larry Ellison actually got efficiencies from teams. If a team wasn’t productive, he’d come every couple of weeks and say “let me help you out.” What did he do? He took away another person until the team started shipping and stopped having unproductive meetings.

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Written by dshan on November 12, 2010

(my very first gmail)

i just got curious to see how long i’ve been using gmail, and i discovered that it’s been over four years since i opened my first account.

then i laughed at the very first email i got, from a friend obviously savvy to the google ad scheme built into their new email product.

i hope this is readable:

in all the time i’ve used gmail i’ve never understood why anyone would use anything else.

so tell me…if you use another tool…


Written by dshan on August 28, 2008