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Throw Me That Love, Chicago

I’m a kid that was born in a non-remarkable suburb that way back when I was growing up formed a line between the Chicagoland area and the rolling gold corn fields that didn’t end until Iowa started. I didn’t know Chicago in those days. I knew New York better than I knew Chicago, actually…every year I spent some time in the Big Apple…I barely remember any real time in downtown Chicago until after I went away to college.

Ten Years Ago And Tomorrow

I was writing about my tragedy as a soccer player with two years left to prove otherwise. I’d let down a team that would eventually ask me to be their Captain, and I was unaware of the connection that I’d forge between writing and my emotions.


The morning got off to quite a start, the rare energy to get the gasoline I needed for my incredibly demanding car unexpectedly manifesting itself like a leprechaun…