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Serving Size Friends

She in turn told me about her attempts to study and capture real information on the way we all behave when thinking about our energy use. Things like our hopes to behave a certain way, and how we actually behave. Her thoughts on how to aggregate data and make use of it were refreshingly relevant to our thoughts around the long tail affect of our work in Vancouver.

Cell Phones, Tea, and Grape Nuts

There’s that St. Patrick’s Day was probably taken very seriously last week, and the NCAA March Madness basketball games were probably on television in all the bars (and condos, for that matter).

It’s not just the sports, though. It’s not just drinking as a sport (which is how I’d characterize my past St. Patty’s Days). Actually, drinking as a sport is something Canadians do well, come to think about it.

The Edge Of Yesterday

Yet here I was, hopping in a cab because my ride couldn’t outwait an overly inquisitive border patrol, skimming through a city I knew almost nothing about aside from the facts purged from a visitor’s guide I’d received from my adorable mother when plans began to formalize around my move.

(dial tone)

tomorrow will mark a full week without my telephone. you phone is the thing laying around your apartment you probably take most for granted.  you probably just used…

(thousand words)

it’s just easier with pics. this was saturday night in san fracisco; our buddy’s birthday party.  the guest list was enormous and the fun was bigger. the painting…

(f*ck vegas)

i’m in an airport. i’m in an airport that smells like sbarro pizza and a hint of cigarette smoke, and the sadly overweight middle-aged man with a horrible…