Teams Make It Great

I’ve had my head down lately for a few reasons, but the main one was that I’ve been beyond the point of managing the things I’m involved with alone, especially as we grow Foodtree and its community. I spend most of my time on Foodtree lately, and one of the things I wanted to avoid this year was letting 20 Something Bloggers suffer because I needed to focus my time.

This has already been an exciting year for Foodtree. We’ve just released a souped up website, signed a number of new customers, and opened an investment round. Our community of eaters, food producers, organizations and investors are all really excited about what we’re building and the collaborations we have planned are going to mean we can continue pushing forward as the world’s food map and database. Things are getting more and more exciting every day:)

There are some incredible things happening for 20 Something Bloggers. We’ve just announced our latest blogger awards, contested by hundreds of bloggers who were nominated by their peers, and voted on by hundreds more.

I’ve spoken with a lot of the leaders of communities that make the world a better place for young digital adults, including Brazen Careerist, BlogFrog, GenPink, SocialMediaClub, and numerous others which should foster exciting collaborations and continued thought leadership around improving our community. We’ll announce details on an exciting event later this year made by and made for our community members…I am so, so excited.

The thing is…my excitement as of late is mostly about the teams of people who’ve joined me to make all this great stuff work. They are an amazing group of people…everyone involved in both Foodtree and 20 Something Bloggers is involved because they believe in an idea, and they want to be a contributor to the communities we exist for.

I would be completely lost without these people.

My gratitude for everyone involved with these projects is deeper than I might wish to express in a blog post. I hope you all know how righteous I think you are.

The Foodtree Team

Maryam, Jonny and Ida have put in an incredible amount of effort these past few weeks as we executed on our vision and evolved our website. They’ve sprinted development, informed design decisions, and actively engaged our community. Their ownership of the product, company, and community is exciting validation for us founders.

You guys crack me up, put up with my rants on blogging, and always seem to have snacks. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The 20SB Team

I’ve got a five awesome teams working on 20SB. These are them, and why they rock.

The Community Team

These guys have already shown incredible dedication to making new members feel welcome and keeping their eyes and ears open around the community. They’re managing our forums, which see hundreds of posts a day. They’ve demonstrated commitment to our Social Contract and it’s wonderfully clear that they care that 20SB is the best place for bloggers to hang out.

The Events Team

One of my biggest issues in the past was organizing and launching events in our community, and these guys have already taken the reigns from me, planning upcoming events and coordinating some of the great things we do every month, like our Featured Bloggers and Staff Picks. They’ll be an integral part of this year’s offline events too, which will put our previous meetups to shame.

The Social Media Team

In a matter of days these guys had all of our social media outlets organized and got started with reaching out. They’re like a bomb exploded in our social media toolkit, and you can already see the impact. Our engagement metrics are up two-fold and every day they’re surfacing great content and conversations from within the community.  I haven’t seen initiative like this since Charlie Sheen decided he wanted to BE the story.

The Blog Editors

With particular recognition to our new Chief Editor, the blog is now in the hands of a team of insightful editors, with a deliberate mission to make Twenty Twenty, our official blog, a killer resource for young personal bloggers. I’ve always hoped for this, but been unable to get much published beyond important community announcements. Alongside expanding coverage of things like our featured members and events, they’ll be publishing guest posts from community members and resources and tips for bloggers and our wider audience.

The Biz Dev Team

The partnerships and sponsorships we get to do as a community is a testament to how great it is, and these guys make all of that work. Thinking constantly about collaborations and the various opportunities we might bring to members of 20SB is a lot easier than making those things happen, and if I didn’t have these guys working their butts off to push us forward, we’d miss out on most of the great stuff we’re going to do this year.

Founders & the Tech Guru

Special thanks always goes to Tony & Lisa, who are invested in these projects at the founding level. Neither would exist without you, and you both know that.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t thank Nico for his undying tech support across my digital web…to say this stuff wouldn’t exist without you is as simple as saying you’ve save my servers, and as complicated as trying to describe how incredibly selfless you are.


I know this seems a little like a roll call, and it says nothing of the people around these projects who cheer them on and, in many cases, support me personally.  But people give me a lot of credit for various aspects of these projects, and even more often they ask me how I ‘do‘ everything that I ‘do‘ (hint: part of it is that I don’t sleep or eat enough)…but in the end it’s that these people make these awesome things a reality, not me.

If I deserve any credit it’s that I’ve convinced these people to collaborate with me.

The greatness of a project is the greatness of its team.

Thank you all. Sincerely.

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