(thanks to you)

it’s a funny thing, getting older.

maybe it’s the idea of hitting that chiched 3 0 that every year over the last few has seemed like it would never come.

maybe it’s that one day a year you realize that your life is behind you in perfect little segments of 365 days and of 52 weeks. time is highlighted in a way completely specific to yourself.

the blessings and well wishes fill your heart.

my day happens to coincide with a national holiday that asks us to give thanks for all the good things in our world, which i feel very fortunate for in and of itself because my birthday never goes by without everyone stopping their proverbial rat race and enjoying the other people who surround them.

it’s a low-maintenance type of time to have been born.

that being said, i think as i push through these past few years, and this one in particular, i can feel my goals catching up with me, and i get a sense of urgency as to the accomplishment i see when i look in the mirror.

but i get texts when midnight hits, both chicago time and then two hours later when the west coast catches up. i see my facebook page adorned with love and i see you lovely readers leaving sweet comments in my inbox and on my blog and i really can’t believe how great that all makes me feel.

i have happy birthday songs left on my voicemail. btw singing solo into someone’s voicemail is a true gesture, if you haven’t tried it.

and don’t get me wrong…the warmth of the myriad touches from people near and far, known and anonymous, family, friends, or otherwise is in no way tempered by the urgency i feel when i wake up the next morning and realize i’m a year older.

and in facct that warmth is truly something that demands its own thanks, on a day for being thankful.

so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

thank you so much.

the picture on this post is my cousin kamala, who was born and lives in brasso seco, trinidad, and is seriously cute.

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