as of thanksgiving day i was born 29 years ago, at 3:55 in the morning on a crisp fall day in new jersey.

in that time i have been lucky.

i’ve been lucky to live in new jersey and connecticut and illinois and cali and chicago.

chicago’s a different state than illinois if you didn’t know.

i’ve lived on both coasts and chose to sit in the middle because the middle coast is the best coast, with the prettiest nicest women and the best of both culinary extremes and drastic weather and art scenes on a massive upswing and the first president of the 4th american republic.

people have been nice to me all over the world. and people from all over the world have been nice to me, including a president’s daughter and a pakastani feudal lord.

a lot of that time i’ve been bored out of my mind, and after i took a class called sleep & dreams during my college freshman year i made a point to spend a lot of time catching up on the sleep i ignored during the 18 years prior.

a lot of that time i’ve been been thinking about live music or playing soccer and a majority of that time i’ve been thinking about girls.

i’ve dated the most amazing girls, with big brains and medium boobs and predominantly brown hair and almost exclusively cute butts. the hair included red, blonde, and radical colors you don’t find in nature.

the music included everything and i’ve liked all of it except for baroque.

some of my today friends were at my 6th birthday party which was probably at mcdonalds.

some of my today friends are people i’ve met this year.

and i like that i have friends ahead of me, and nice people, new cities, new challenges, new girls and new music all sitting right there on the horizon of my magical future.

at 29 years old in just over 36 hours i have one kickass block of 52 weeks before i cross into my thirties and i have that time to make things happen that i wanted behind me when i got there.

this is now. before and after now are quite vast canvasses; one’s a painting you can only hope to draw meaning from and one’s a painting you’ll paint hoping to impart meaning.

the thing is, meaning changes around the music in the background and the people in the foreground and when it’s all said and done it’s really all just about actually picking up the brush.

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