(that bitch sadie)

as i approach the point at which i’ve paid more in repair costs than i did for the actual purchase, sadie (my car) is blinking a coolant warning.

that is a red level warning, for the folks at home, and red is worse than other colors, if you’re counting.

the coolant issue is also the exact same thing that happened a few months ago.

i’m sure you have a decent read on how i feel about this, and after talking to the jamoke who fixed my car back then i have a few tests to run before i have the car thrown through his front window.

this mind you is a week after my car window was busted in on saturday of last weekend, which i thought i twittered until i went to find the tweet and couldn’t. huh.

explain to me again why i own a car.

only if you have a car. if you don’t, i really don’t wanna hear how happy you are.

(picture via tankboy – awesome)

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