(that imaginary hottie)

a year ago i wrote something about the quirks i thought were cute about the imaginary girl i was maybe going to meet.

maybe never happened, but we can’t all find that special someone at once, and over the last twelve months nearly every one of my buddies has found someone special, so when momma said patience was a virtue she knew what she was talkin about.

yesterday i reposted that year-ago post, even though some of it doesn’t sit perfectly with me.

as i get older my tastes change, but not that much.

they refine, i suppose.

okay that’s probably hogwash but these days not only have i perfected the egg sandwich but i can taste the difference between a pinot noir and a malbec and a cab with my eyes closed. i enjoyed the last sardine i ate.

in that little fragment of prose about this imaginary hottie i think the least tugging quirks these days would be her ownership of a snake* and the whole jack bauer thing**.

jack bauer’s a badass, don’t get me wrong, but that post made me sound like i was hoping to kiss his mouth.

so let’s update that list a little, shall we?

  • she reads, doesn’t throw away books, and underlines prose or poetry that she digs.
  • she loves the rain.
  • travel, road trips, and spontaneous adventures are just assumed.
  • her daily quest is to crack me up.
  • the DJ in the corner at mac’s in wicker park, who no one is paying attention to, is her favorite person there every time also.***
  • she wears funky rings and killer boots.
  • she’s got a mission.

there you go. short list.

but we’re adding to an old list, so short’s probably better.

now for those of you who were too busy to respond yesterday…what quirks float your boat??

*obviously i wanted a snake back then. i now own a much more labor intensive animal.
**i can only assume 24 was airing last november. damn writer’s strike.
***this is a little over-specific, but the guy is seriously awesome.

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