(the amazing race is really amazing)

my friend tammy is on The Amazing Race this season and you now have to cheer her on, because she’s got a chance to win.

she went to stanford too, and she’s dating my good friend from college murrs (that’s them at the birthday bash saturday) and they’re both harvard law school graduates and really funny people.  and mostly i want her to win because they’re both such incredibly cool people but also so we can all give them a hard time for not telling us; tammy’s ability to keep the end result a secret is really impressive.

on sunday tammy and murrs invited us over to watch the newest episode live, and in between during commercials we peppered her with questions about what happens to the people who get eliminated and when they get to eat and what the rules are.

and how the cameramen and soundman fit in those small foreign cabs.

it was a perfect viewing party because in it tammy takes a majorly clutzy spill when she trips over nearly nothing on her way to congratulate her brother for completeing their pitstop.  right before her graceful face plant a cameraman caught a camel (they’re in india during the episode) dropkicking a small indian guy in the distance; i’m not exaggerating when i say it might be the best ten seconds in live television.

murrs rewinded it a few times while tammy told us that kind of thing is sort of her modus operandi; the next day on facebook her status said, “i fell today while i was running, i’m not even kidding!”

oh and the party was perfect because tammy and her brother took FIRST and are in control of the game, kiddos, so you better start tuning in on sundays or putting that dvr to work because if she keeps this up you’re gonna hear more about it from me, that’s for sure.

she will probably kill me the next time i’m in san francisco for posting this photo, but the skivvies run through a city in siberia is downright epic:

everything she’s said about this experience is amazing, but i’m not gonna get into it because i don’t want to get anywhere near something she might not supposed to be saying or talking about only to have it published on a stupid blog.

but watch the show and we’ll get to all that after she and her brother win a million dollars, mkay?

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