The Joy of the Hype Machine

These songs don’t have a lot in common, by the way; pretty much the only trait they all share is that someone, somewhere, cared enough about them to put them on a blog. That's the factor that unites nearly every track found on the Hype Machine. It's a place for enthusiasts.

There are thousands of bloggers on Hype, and their interests and biographies and values and beliefs may have nothing at all to do with yours. But one of the things you can say with confidence about them is that they all love music.

via The Joy of the Hype Machine: Music Ex Machina – Culture – The Atlantic.

I’m proud to be included in Hypem’s registry, and simply because every once in a while I’ll post a song I can’t believe I hadn’t heard before and it’s so good I think I must be crazy because the internet hasn’t picked it up, and it’ll rise to the top of the Hypem Popular list.

Twice I’ve gotten emails from the bands themselves, excited at such unexpected attention.

That, right there, is music in action.

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