(the original icy hot stuntazz)

some of you may have seen this before, but it’s always worth another mention.

the icy hot stuntazz are literally “the real mutha fukin deal fool!

a hip hop group in georgia, they spent “months honin our rhymin and profilin skillz, [and] we are now on mp3.com“.

they have millions and millions of fans, according to their website.

and there’s really no end to the praise i have for this trio of artistic brilliance, when you consider not only their ability to out-wit their haters:

one site goes, ‘5800 hits in 48 hours, we 0wn’. that is so crazy lame to say. but they also wear dem nerdy pocket protectos and jack off to fitness infomercials, SUCKAS

but also their no b*llshit approach to rehab:

BLADE, the leader of the group and quite possibly the most dangerous person you have eva met. 2 years in state pen for armed robbery, 4 years in rehab(still on the yayo), and who knows whats next for this tight foo

the easiest way to f*ck up a successful rap career is to give up doing cocaine, people. you’ve got the camaro, the shiny ice ’round your neck, and the fake tattoos and then you gotta go blow it all by NOT shoving powder up your nose.

don’t be afraid to succeed, haterz!

i like this picture in particular because it highlights the band’s “fatter dubs” but also relates to us middle class fans as Freeze (in the middle) features the Chevy Suburban he borrows from his parents when they have gangs of hoez they need to transport.

the third member of the group is Da Flame, who doesn’t wear shirts.

he wears the same dark green abercrombie drawstring pants i wore in highschool, which makes me wonder if i knew just how phizzat i was back then.

much to my disappointment, and undoubtedly your own, their online store is down right now.

Ohhhhhh snap, looks like been gettin hundreds and thousans of fans and suckas alike peepin our page. well now you can get a mouse pad and tshirt wit us on it, crazy sweet yo.

that’s probably due to pure demand, because i’ve been trying to get an Icy Hot Stuntazz mousepad since the second i heard they might exist.*

in fact, yesterday i poked around their site for about twenty minutes, and then it went belly up due to bandwidth overload, so if you’re not early to game, fanz, you may have to wait til tomorrow to really explore the Rap Gods.

plus, they got more important things to do with their time than play webmaster:

and YES, we do roll on dubs, trust us. anyway, we gotta get back to countin our millions and millions. late.

UPDATE: get all your Icy Hot Stuntazz gear here!

*if anyone can get their hands on any IHS paraphenalia, name your price.

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