(the president elect)

i didn’t vote for obama.

that definitely doesn’t mean i don’t think he’s wicked intelligent and that i don’t truly, deeply hope that he’ll prove to be the kind of president that i think he could be. i almost voted for him.

i didn’t vote for mccain.

i think his consolation speech was reflective of what that man is made of. his party failed him and he failed his party and when a nation needed to hear solution talk on a caving economy no one on the side of the aisle that usually has something informative to say about such topics could get the peanut butter out of their mouths.

i asked you all what topics you vote on, if it came down to one, knowing that no one votes on one topic.

when social issues or moral issues present themselves i side with today’s democrats. when fiscal and ecomonic issues present themselves i tend to fall squarely to the republican side.

ironically, both of those positions make me a less-government advocate. there used to be a party for us.

i like obama. he’s smart. i think he’ll do well.

but i won’t vote for someone who’s tangible policies are directly in contrast to the policies i think are effective, possible, and/or intelligent.

that he won makes me happy, because i have more hope for his mind than his competitor. those of you who rooted him on should be proud.

so i hope you won’t take offense to this video, because i just think it’s hilarious.
and btw, pay attention to the scrolling headlines at the bottom.

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