(the trip to new york)

as you can see below, we left at 4:32am last friday morning, set to drive to upstate new york.

we were two minutes late.

then the sun came up and it was in my face for the next 6 hours, a few of which my sister and dog slept, a few of which they didn’t.

after hundreds of miles and a sick dog episode and numerous highway rest stops, i could finally hold my camera up to the window and snap in every direction and see wilderness and nature.

and weird locals.

i arrived late friday, and on saturday as my cousin was married in this little mountain town and a little mountain church, i was greeted with this smiling face.

nora is my cousin’s daughter…the oldest in the next generation.

the wedding was amazing and fun and a great start to the week up here.

up to this point that’s about as clean as i’ve been.

such is camp.

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