(the vizsla)

yesterday i rather archaically announced that i’ve not only decided to get a dog, but i have pictures of the little pup, who was born on february 8th.

i didn’t mean to be so absent as to detail on the whole thing, but yesterday was one of those days that i very much treated like a vacation. from everything.

now, this little piece of puppy-ful news is something i’ve kept a lid on for quite awhile.

i actually found my breeder of choice a few months ago, before chicago became an ice bowl of wintery mayhem, and due to a very lengthy waiting list and my personal desire to wait until warmer weather, i’d really only paid my down payment and stepped to the sidelines.

all i knew until last friday was that i had first dibs on the first male pup born in 2008.

until friday morning, when i got an email from linda busch, a nationally known vizsla breeder in illinois, with the three pictures you saw yesterday and a promise to send weekly photographic updates as the little guys flop around their new world.

i spent a very long time thinking about the idea of a dog, and what type of dog i’d get if that day were to come. i asked lots of dog owners how they felt about their breeds and their experiences.

perhaps more useful (i’m hoping) was my attention to how my days were spent, and whether each day was amenable to having a dog at home…which i think is when you start to realize you’re really considering going through with it.

i tried to give myself an honest assessment as to where i spent my time, how much i was home, and what changes i’d have to make to account for a furry dependent.

and while i harbor no doubt that i don’t completely realize how much of a change this will be (and how challenging it will be), i do think it’s a set of changes and sacrifices that i want to make.

i chose a vizsla because of their loyalty and gentle nature. they’re incredibly friendly, adaptable, and smart. they like to be trained, they’re playful, and they’re freaking beautiful.

i also wanted a dog who’d go running with me.

the little guy will come home at the end of march, roughly, and won’t have a name until then. i’m a bit uncomfortable at naming him when we haven’t met, and i generally prescribe to that notion for both pets and children…of course i’ll think about it (constantly)…but i think a name is more meaningful and concrete when there’s a living, breathing thing associated with it. it’s less up for debate.

although suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

i’m all for ideas.

so we’re down to the wire. the puppie’s been born. life’s about to change.

tell me i’m not crazy.

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