(time to roll)

yesterday i got all ramped up about raymi.

it’s hard not to, and i’m not sure all of you went and checked her blog out especially those of you who are reading this on facebook and might even think that these little compositions are actually just facebook notes because i can’t imagine you facebookers following all the links i throw out.

i get that. it’s totally cool.

but raymi threw me a ‘thank you’ and quickly became one of the top ‘sources’ here; people read her blog religiously and they hit her links the same way and the long and short of it is that i’m flattered/honored that she saw my props and thanked me for it.

i know her blog’s not for everyone but in the way that kerouac wrote things that might fall outside your daily daily i simply suggest you give her that looksee even if it’s every once in a while.

sometimes i worry too much about you readers.

it’s friday and it’s roughly 9:30pm and there are times when i actually contemplate what posting might mean if a post shows up in the thick of the most social few hours in the 168 hours we call our week.


anyone else surprised that a week is 168 hours?

but when i worry about image i usually get a bit pissed off at myself and i realize that in between the bowling rounds i just left and the bowling rounds (with a completely different crowd, mind you) that i’m about to set off on there’s SERIOUSLY nothing i’d rather do than blog at you.

and here’s what’s funny.

i’m not sure what, exactly, is the most nerdy:

the fact that i’m concerned about perception,
or the fact that i really, really enjoy blogging,
or the fact that i’m gonna go close out a friday by bowling after i’ve already bowled seven (yes, seven) rounds this afternoon.

you decide.

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