(today is my sister’s birthday)

last night brady and i had my sister and her/our childhood friend over to his new condo to grill some food.

in all, with dates, our group totaled six, which is one less than the number of wine bottles that were empty at the end of the night.

brady and i went to the peoria packing butcher shop after work to pick up some meat.

holy hell.

that place is life-changing. i think we got 14 pounds of bone-in pork chops for 12 dollars. the chicken breasts were the same size as my breasts.

yes, we got too much food.

that was sorta the point.

so i took grill duty and my sister whipped up one of her signature marinades*. if you asked me how dinner was i’d look like this:

it was that good.

but today is my little sister’s birthday!

the middle sis. the one i think is a game-changer…the smartest person i know. the sister who has all the smarts; street school and social; has all the style and has all the good genes in our family.

she’s a musical encyclopedia and a ph.d candidate in neuroscience at chicago. she’s a puppy-owner and the best girlfriend that her wonderful boyfriend could have ever imagined, when they started dating over 7 years ago.

my sister just seems to go at life with consideration and forethought, and somewhere along the line roped in the ability to make decisions based on her own judgement and reason…a skill i think most people develop very late in life. it’s in that vein that she’s most influenced me, and it’s made her such an incredibly cool person to know that i get all excited sometimes that she’s my sister.

blows me away.

she’s 26 today.

and i love her.

happy birthday, sis.

*soy, jim beam, brown sugar, chopped garlic and ginger root. drool.

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