Tomato Soup

Somehow, I manage to stay healthy throughout the entire winter.

I managed to stay on the up and up for Chicago’s endless winter and make it through the freezing cold when I’d forget to where a warm enough coat and when I’d wear shorts to the gym just because of the hassle.

Then we fight ourselves through some month that the calendar said was June but looked more like November with its storms and rain and cold nights and now here we are.

Here we stand after a weekend of the two longest days all year, all sunshine and warmth and I don’t know about you but I was sweating just walking around this weekend.

And I stand here and I’m sick!

I’m sick and it’s gorgeous out and it’s almost 7pm and it’s sunny and I’m fighting a damn headache and sore throat.

My body is not a wonderland.

In the comments, feel free to tell me how you’re enjoying the weather…after all, vicarious living is still living, no?

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