so i thought today would be a good day to get up early.

go for a long run.

take branner on a longer walk.

i mean, it’s gorgeous outside, and tuesday is my best day.


i did all that, and hustled to catch an early blue line train, because when i’m early i usually stuff my (bad) habit of catching cabs to work in my back pocket and suck it up on the steel rocket.

which this morning meant i was one of these passengers, stuck underneath the chicago river from 8am to 10:15am, left to climb along the catwalk for nearly two miles covered in dirt and grime helping an older woman with a cane navigate our way to sunlight.

i can’t even begin to recount the utter lack of anything that resembled professionalism, concern, or capability by the cta personnel. the statements made over loud speakers that weren’t meant for passenger ears. the frantic update after an hour sitting in darkness from our lovely conductor: “EVERYONE PLEASE IMMEDIATELY MOVE TO THE FRONT OF THE TRAIN! EVERYONE IMMEDIATELY MOVE THROUGH THE CARS TO THE FRONT OF THE TRAIN!”

commenters on the tribune site:

I was on the disabled train along with hundreds of other passengers and, after two hours, we were eventually evacuated and had to walk through the tunnel between the Grand stop and the Clark/Lake stop to eventually exit at the Clark/Lake stop.
I was riding in the last car of the disabled train and transit officials attempted to get the train behind us to “push us in” to the station, which eventually caused a derailment of our car and prompted our evacuation.
I was disappointed with the lack of organization I saw on the part of the CTA throughout this entire process. Orders and commands by officials were being contradicted by orders and commands we heard over the speaker system. – Bonnie G

Half hour? How about the people that were stuck in the dark between Grand and Clark and Lake…more like 1-1/2 hours! After 1 hour someone should be making the decision to evacutate. Period. – LMP

I was on the train. We were called stupid by the conductor for trying to leave…after almost 2 hours, we all just left. The train behind us was evacuated, why werent we?? Thanks CTA!! I’ll send you my drycleaning bill for my filthy clothes and bill you out at $400 an hour for my time, since that’s what my firm lost. – Logan Square

fuck rob huberman. and fuck mayor daley.

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