(triple five facial hair)

this is who i’m at macs with.

macs is the bar on my corner that is a great bar but also a great place to score free wifi and drink an irish coffee at 3pm and get some work done while people socialize all around you.

i’m at macs with me and my laptop.

this is is also the guy who hasn’t shaved in 2009 because he left his razor in wisconsin and his buddy hasn’t given it back to him yet, so he’s getting along with trimming and blaming anything that’s not perfect on the fact that he looks like he lives in the mountains.

most things are perfect, though, right?

i mean, in all honestly my life is not easy right now. it’s just a pure fact…things are about as rough as they’ve ever been in certain respects.

but then you think about the fact that the world is just of cool things just waiting to happen and you let the beard take the fall on all the difficulty and fear and you end up at macs.

you know, taking self-portraits and stuff.

so what’s the verdict out there…who’s a fan of scruff, and who likes ’em smooth?

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