[twenty-nine] feed the daydream

We’re back with another edition of [twenty-nine], the grippy music project.  This is a music project inspired by my twenty-ninth birthday and an attempt to give friends, family and anyone else who’s interested a list of music that’s caught my ear as of late.  I don’t proclaim any real expertise or anything, but I listen to lots of music and figured it’d be fun to keep a bit of a history of what I hear.

If you want to download the mix, which you can listen to first, you will find some (slightly outdated) instructions here.  It’s basically a .zip file you can unzip to get the music files.  I’ll be updating instructions in the near future.

As always, subscribe to [twenty-nine] notification emails by sending an email to [email protected] with ‘subscribe’ in the subject field.  Subscribers get wind of this before I post it here to my blog.

Long live the mixtape.

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