(upstate new york is wonderful)

it should be said that i haven’t had more than 5 hours of sleep in each of the last five nights. since monday morning i’ve driven roughly 18 hours and 1000 miles.

it should be said that since i left for new york i’ve spent 28 hours in the car with my youngest sister, half of that spent in a caravan with my other sister and her boyfriend communicating trivia back and forth via walkie talkie. on the way home we had to leave on different days, and make note: road trips are better with walkie talkies and trivia.

name the five countries with names ending in the letter “L”.

it should be said that our chosen route to new york and back included 5 states, which created 5 opportunities for my sister to get excited about the “Welcome to _________” signs. this excitement puzzles me.

it should be said that i have roughly 25 cousins on my mother’s side, and 10 on my father’s, assuming my quick math prior to coffee is correct. that doesn’t include offspring of those cousins, and it doesn’t include aunts or uncles…all of whom were on at the lake. somehow almost everyone got fed.

it should be said that we’ve expanded our reach in the adirondack mountains to include 9 cottages. we’ve had two weddings up there already, and i don’t think they’ll be the last.

it should be said that my week in the mountains with such a huge, diverse group of incredible people is probably the most significant consistent experience in my year every year. it is in every way the foundation of my definition of family and its importance, and piercingly intrusive to my regular perception of every day life in that it makes that daily routine seem like something i’m doing outside of the really important stuff.

our mountain rendezvous, with its hectic(ish) fun-filled schedule and nosey questioning and constant chatter and constant boozing and late nights and early mornings and shoddy living quarters and lack of privacy and its trips to the local karaoke joint…well…to be frank it’s always fucking wonderful.

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