(vacation versus rest)

the first thing i told myself this morning as i uploaded some pictures and thought about the last ten days was that summarizing a trip into the mountains cut off from consistent and real communication with the outside world isn’t something you can do in one blog post.

this is vacation season and i’m sure all over the blogosphere people will be recounting how great it was to get away from life for a bit, so i throw my two cents in with confidence that others will do it better than i will.

upstate new york is gorgeous.

it’s remote.

t-mobile’s never heard of it, and even when you’re on the internet up there you’re on the internet between a few hours at a beach on a resevoir and a bar-b-que dinner with family and friends and very quickly twitter and brightkite and facebook seem like they’re in chinese.

the outside world moves a lot faster when you’re not a part of it.

i’d like to say i’m refreshed and rested, but in some ways i’m just not.

i need a vacation from my vacation…something i’ll probably touch on more later.

for now though, it’s nice to be back in the big city. back with the streets full at 10pm on a monday night, coffee shops open at 6am, and beautiful girls walking around in the streets. back to the july 4th buzzed social circles and the baseball and pride-laden memories i missed out on. back to the blogosphere.

so…did you miss me?

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