(vandalism avenue)

every night when i get home from saving the world, i take branner for a walk around the neighborhood.

sometimes he agrees that this is a fun idea.

sometimes it seems more like an inconvenience than anything else.

he spends those testier walks hoping to get to the next corner as fast as possible in case the block we live on is waiting for him there.

god forbid i give the little freak some fresh air, right?

this week, every night, there’s been a new car window smashed on the street out back of my apartment.

last night, after my soccer game and with branner in tow, i set down the street at a brisk pace, considerate of branner’s single-coated inability to stay warm IN THE DEAD OF WINTER. needless to say this was going to be one of those i hope you’re enjoying this, d, because it sucks for me walks.

as we came back around to my block from the other end, finishing up our game of tug and war (time out! time to lick a stranger!), we walked up alongside my parked car (sadie, i call her) and noticed a pile of glass directly under my passenger side window.

it was like some eerie memento moment, because it looked like someone had put a baseball bat through my window, except for the fact that my window was fully intact and unharmed.

and since i’m the kind of guy who figures the best place to be after lightning strikes is at the point of impact, i shrugged and followed branner inside.

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