(water balloons)

on sunday night we had a little cookout at brady’s new condo, and as a warm breeze made the outside feel like inside my puppy stared off the edge of the back deck wondering how the ground got so far away.

we had some marinading pork leftover from our last cookout and we had miller genuine draft and we had ice cream; the dessert i wasn’t aware of until later, which is the best time to find those kinds of things out.

it felt like an oasis in time, and even though i was still pretty beat from the night before i liked it better because my dog was there and he was lazy and low maintenance and that’s a rare thing at seven months old.

the conversation was lazy and the card game ended unfinished as everyone involved felt their beds calling around midnight. the evidence that we’re getting old keeps mounting, i tell ya…but we keep ignoring it. we all left stuffed to the gills with delicious and cheap food, happy and slightly buzzed.

an hour or so later, brady’s neighbor across the alley in the back had his garage set on fire and burn to the ground. the fire was so shot he could feel it inside his condo.

it melted everything within 50 feet.

during that dinner, we’d contemplated organizing a cross-alley water balloon fight with everyone on the street…an annual sort of thing where everyone would man their decks on a specific summer afternoon with buckets full of ammunition.


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