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it may comes as a bit of a surprise to some of you that i haven’t always been a blogger.

in fact way back in the day when i was still trying to figure out where the hell i was in california and how it might be possible that i wasn’t the best soccer player in the entire world i really didn’t even get the internet.

i know!

crazy, right?

i had my first laptop which i convinced my gullible dad to purchase for me because it would get me better grades and every nerd at stanford had one and because he was already screwed after buying me a beeper in highschool; there’s no going back.

it was a sony vaio and i can only assume it was really heavy. but i used it mostly to get my dirty little hands into napster to steal music from artists like john mayer and nirvana and howie day with relative assurance that at least kurt cobain wasn’t all that worried about it, being dead and all.

but i wasn’t a blogger.

at some point after that, as a senior i think, i was walking around the internet and i ran into tony pierce and his photo essays and he was throwing around links like gorillamask and chokey chicken and maddox and the one and very only raymi the minx.

these are the original gangsters, people.

and i don’t mean to single out raymi because all of those cats are the real deal but raymi was just voted the best diarist in the world and then she was linked by andrew sullivan who won the best blog in the world.

oh, and raymi beat out dooce for that award, by the way.

i blog because of these old school early adopters who are like your favorite authors putting out tidbits of their brilliant novels every day, which beats the pants off of waiting for jk rowling to figure out how to write the roger and hermione sex scene without pissing off conservative parents.

raymi posted about her win:

love me or hate me, i’m always here shitting all over the netz for you, i am reliable, i am loyal to you and you are to me (or you are loyal in your hatred of me, whatever, thanks for the hits) point being, i am the “best” diarist because i am content overload city.

so yeah i’m bummed that 20SB didn’t get best online community but at the rate at which we’re growing we’ll have ten thousand members next year and we’ll completely dominate that award and for now i’m happy that a blog i dig got an award that i’d be proud to have.

congrats raymi, and all you other champs.

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