(west coast invasion)

on saturday i’m heading to the west coast for a week.

i don’t even know how to pack for week long trips unless i’m up in the mountains of upstate new york and it’s warm out and i barely change clothes while i’m there.

heck i haven’t really traveled much in a while…usually i’m off illinois turf at least once a month but the economy and professional changes have put a hold on a lot of that.

there’s nothing like california for me…the food and the people and the landscape and ideas and the smiles are all just a little shinier out there. don’t get me wrong, chicago’s the best city in this country but the bay area is an area, not a city.

during the weekend three of my chicago buddies will be down in san diego, which means we’re all on the cusp of a mass invasion of the west coast so if you are anywhere near california you should keep your eyes peeled for great chicagoans. they’ll be mostly on the golf course…i’ll be not on the golf course.

it sounds like i’ll be down near my alma mater a bit on saturday afternoon, followed by a saturday night hang in the mission and a sunday funday of sorts. i’m looking forward to this in a big way.

what are you up to next weekend?

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