What The Who

I’ve reached the point at which I just am the internet.

I’m at the tail end of eight months of planning a blogger meetup in Chicago, most of that time spent circling back and redoing nearly everything I’d already done or set in motion.  You want to talk about an “I’d do it all differently if I started over” feeling?  Multiply that by the number of Skittles in the world and you might be able to see me up here on the moon dancing around in my space suit mumbling incoherent truisms about digitally savvy millennials.

If you fall into the category of a young adult who’s online interacting with your peers, and facebook friends, and famous people on twitter, and creepy weirdos on myspace, well, it would probably blow your little skull wide open if you knew how much I not only talk about you but how much I think about you.


Okay, some of you.

Just take a quick glance up there and imagine all those columns, or stacks, as PeopleBrowsr likes to call them, moving constantly.  That’s just twitter.   Check out the Google Profile links to the other places I find myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I dig this netizen life.

This connectivity and interestingly awesomesauce people all over the world spitting out ideas and sentiments and projects and roadtrips and Love.  Truly great stuff.

Providing what I think is now the best online community for twenty somethings to the world.  It feels pretty good.

And don’t even get me started on the relationships I’ve plucked off the web.  There’s almost too many to name.

There is too many to name.

But I launched a charity campaign with an incredible woman I’ve never met, and I run a massive community of wonderful people with another young lady I’ve never met.

When I asked for some help, this entire group of people from all over the world raised their hands!

And I know I’m not unique.

When you hang out in any group you realize that amazing people are everywhere.  Everyone’s busy.  Everyone’s got ideas and the best of people shines through the ideas they’re pursuing.  It becomes addictive, seeking out people who think in cool ways.

I’m definitely addicted.

But I also throw myself at projects I believe in like Perez Hilton throws himself at attention.

And when I circle back to the beginning of a run that began with a simple blogger meetup, and now has me trying to make 20 Something Bloggers warm and fuzzy for good honest personal bloggers, all while hoping to integrate my professional life and ever widening network of people worldwide into a manageable, real world of connection and interactivity and friends and resources…

…I find myself finally at a point at which I can take stock of how far I’ve come and what the next few steps might be and


…I’m going to start with a deep breath.

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