today is will’s birthday.

i got so giddy to put a birthday post up for will that i started this tonight, which is last night, as you’re reading it, assuming you’re reading it today, which is april 23rd.

wibs turns 28 today, which means the screaming knuckleheads; the best band without music on earth; are all 28 years old.

oh, except frazzle. frazzle’s the baby.

wibs is actually the only true rockstar in our band.

he actually rockkicks, frequently, in public.

usually that happens completely unannounced and sometimes it’s on the other side of the bar amongst strangers and for no apparent reason.

which is how rockkicks should be done.

it takes a certain type of man to be known for rockkicks, and since will’s kinda known for his rockkicks, it follows that he’s a certain type of man.

he’s the kind of guy who can fit in with five childhood friends who’ve known one another since before they knew what women were, in a city full of their childhood memories and acquiantences.

he’s the kind of guy who’s state of calm can be unsettling for the uninitiated, and unpredictable even to his closest friends. underneath a generally level-headed shell is some tenderness, some turmoil, and a quirky sense of curiosity.

he’s self-contained, as most rockstars tend to be. his emotional reveals are few and far between, and usually in the context of a laugh or spectacle, as opposed to confrontation or complaint. he’s happy to walk his own path; an understated task in a group like ours, riddled with peer pressure for the sake of humor.

and he’s a complex mix of emotional maturity and playful immaturity, which is something i would grant on varying degrees to all my friends. i think with wibs, though, the emotional maturity comes from a place of resolve, and the playful stunts are sometimes public and always hilarious.

his quirks are extensive, and endearing. we love talking about them.

he has stages of ‘getting ready’ at night. three, maybe four. sometimes he puts on a t-shirt for just one of those stages, only to put on what he was planning on wearing later.

he calls his roommates on the phone from his bedroom to see if it’s them in the family room.

and he’ll mention his out-of-state business trips the night before he leaves, or once he’s already there.

his roommates will kill me for leaving out what i’m sure is a long list of funny things the man does.

but it’s most important to give will his due, because on his birthday i want to make sure he knows how f*cking great he is. chicago wouldn’t be the same without him, and our group of friends would be incomplete if he weren’t here playing in the city with us.

he adds incredible dimension to our group, to my world, and i think to all of his relationships, and i think that’s a statement i aspire to in my own life, so i don’t say that lightly. if my words understate my reverence for the guy, it’s because i tend to lose my point in prose; wibs could very well have ended up in another city, but he and my friend kizz came to chicago after college, and we’ll all better for it.

so will…happy birthday buddy.

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