You and Me, Blue Valentine

In my opinion, one of the most interesting music stories in a decade.

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams made a beautiful movie called Blue Valentine (which you should see) and in it they featured a gritty, hauntingly beautiful doo-wap song called You and Me.

Naturally, everyone who sees the movie goes home and looks for more info on the song. There is literally none.

Gradually, details begin to unearth. The film garnered two Golden Globe nominations and Michelle is up for a Best Lead Actress Oscar, so it’s not like nobody saw this movie.

Nevertheless, this song was discovered in a box of tapes at an estate sale in Columbus, Ohio, and no one knows who the lead female vocals are.

Love it.

The story doesn’t have as much weight unless you listen to the song first, because you’ll recognize the beauty of it right away. It’s so telling of the music industry, and how hard it really is to turn talent into success.

When Sevier explained that it had been part of an old box of tapes, bought at an estate auction years earlier, that he’d purchased and re-released as a CD—and then licensed “You and Me” to a movie company, she said she cried.

Saturday, she went to Easton to see the movie. “When I heard the song, and Jay’s voice as backing vocals, I just really, really fell apart,” she said. “I loved the movie, but it was like a bitter, sad happiness because Jay wasn’t here to see it.”

Glodean remembered Jay telling her about that day in the studio. “Oh, he was in a good mood. He was telling me how you never know what might happen when you walk in a studio, and how this girl was there—she sounded so good, and like Jay, just loved to sing. He asked her to sing his song. He thought it might be released.

He told me, ‘I didn’t know what we should call ourselves. I had my hand in my pocket and only had a penny and a quarter in there. I said, ‘We’ll call the band Penny and the Quarters.’”She doesn’t recall, however, who Penny might have been. “Only Jay knows,” she said.

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