(you gotta love progress)

the internet’s obviously amazing.

totally marriage material.

and lately i’ve been playing around with lots of different tools that are floating around in the social network and web 2.0 space, hoping to find some of them useful, efficient, and/or fun.

on top of that, i’m launching little side project blogs and i’ve even consulted with some programmers in india about putting together a little network of my own.

the nerd level is at an all-time high, i’ll admit.

but when you essentially start poking your head around a long list of blogs and watching (from afar) the goings on of events like south by southwest interactive (or blogher08, for that matter), a guy like me* i think is kind of destined for this kind of exploration.

sidenote: this exploration results in many usernames and passwords, which for a guy like me means many forgotten usernames and passwords. annoy. ing.

what i am finding, alongside very useful tools and some truly exciting exposure to exciting new ideas, is the inevitable downsides to all this nosing around and digital stumbling.

the google reader is like mount everest. i miss you guys and your writing, and can’t seem to catch up.

the inspirations are overwhelming and the feeling that one possiblity after another is right there for the taking actually stresses me out sometimes. yes…i do think this is just an internal character flaw; i feel like every great idea needs nurturing, and have trouble focusing sometimes.

and trying out new things on the web naturally lends itself to de-centralizing your web presence. this is very tangible, because i want my offline friends to be able to find me (which is why i invited all you bozos onto twitter, which has been completely wonderful and hilarious), and i don’t want to sit on a computer all day trying to figure out where i’m at or what i’m doing on an endless list of cyber locales.

here’s a fact, though: the nerdiness and habits won’t stop.

this i know.

so i think i just need to stop worrying about it in any real way.

how are the internets treating you?

*who has an unrelentless curiousity, background in human computer interaction, an overly social nature and NO GIRLFRIEND (surprised? me neither).

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