(your questions about d answered)

this month seems to have a few themes to it, after july spent most of its time swinging a baseball bat at my throat*.

this month not only brought with it some good karma, but it rolled in some big changes, and it brought me a new friend, rachel.** oh, and i was directly involved in the birth of a new term: twirting.***

it’s been a nice change, i’m not gonna lie.

here on the blog i decided to change it up a bit, and to learn a little bit about you readers. as the comments kept rolling in and i ran around my busy day reading them on my phone, i had a few ‘pat myself on the back’ moments, because the whole interaction was such fun.

and i promised a bit of a follow up, which leaves us here.

boxers or briefs? – ultima dea

pretty sure i answered this, but i don’t even own briefs. i’m wearing boxer briefs right now, but even that’s pretty unusual.

what was your favorite band at lollapalooza? – d

rage against the machine and girl talk were two shows i will never, ever forget. i’ve been to my fair share of outdoor music festivals around the country and i’ve never seen an outdoor performance that would stand up to the energy those two shows had.

I kinda wonder what the music scene is like in Wicker Park. But other than that, I’m pretty satisfied. – nicopolitan

the music scene in wicker park is definitely one of the best in chicago, but the neighborhood has the unfair advantage of more stage venues than other neighborhoods. with a handful of places that fit a couple hundred kids, and an endless list of bars and lounges that have regular music billings, it’s an “always on” sort of area. lots of artists and musicians live in the area, so bands find their rabid fans here. read tankboy’s blog for a few weeks and you’ll get a better feel for it…he’s way more involved in the local music scene.

I’ve always wondered what brought you to Chicago. I’m sort of new to your site, so perhaps I’ve not found the appropriate archive that includes posts on how you landed here. Do tell. – jamie

i was born in new jersey, moved to connecticut when i was two, and moved to the chicago suburbs when i was 5. we were supposed to be here for two years, but my parents still live in the house they bought in 1985. outside of two months in holland at 15 and five years out in california for college, i’ve been in the area…after college i moved downtown and i’ve been here ever since. as brian wilson puts it, ‘the midwest farmers daughters, they really make me feel alright…’.

naked pictures? – alexa

i like your style.

Hmmm. You’ve talked about past girlfriends or friends that are girls but I don’t see many posts about current prospects. But can understand why you wouldn’t even if you are mostly anonymous. – shelley

great, great observation. i have a bit more to say on this later, but the short of it is that there aren’t any current prospects. right now, it would take someone who really caught my eye to yank my attention away from the focus i have on myself and my career. that self assessment leaves me very non-chalant about pursuing women…i’d rather not selfishly draw a girl into a situation that left her wanting for the kind of attention a girl deserves.

Will you marry me? – the future mrs. d

tell me when and where, and i’ll be there. for. sure.

the only thing i wonder is when we can all hang out again soon. – erin

i wonder the same thing. chicago bloggers…let’s get together!

I wonder what you are thinking. What goes on in that head of yours? – busypretending

well, that head of mine is unusually large, and oddly enough there’s not a lot going on inside of it. usually i’m trying to figure out why i don’t stress out more.

why did you pick the questions you did? How do you feel about the proportion of your readers who are female and boycott underwear? Inquiring minds…. – verybatcat

i pictured these questions like a round-table “get to know you”, because it dawned on me that the comments are the only place for readers to interact with other readers. kissing and nudity tend to be good places to start in a room full of strangers!

and the commando female readers were a surprise, albeit a welcome one. i had no idea so many women were anti-skivvies!

what’s the d stand for? – rachel

having met quite a few readers and other bloggers, i’ve heard some great guesses as to what the d stands for. what do you think it stands for?

i often wonder if you ever think about me like i think of you. – tink

i can confidently say that we’re of the same mind. you’re the best blogger in the south, by the way.

When we going boozin? – dan mega

we’ve got a long weekend coming up, and i think chicago bloggers need to plan an outing.

When are we getting drunk? – joy @ bigtime fancy

i’m starting to think you’re all talk, missy. see my response to dan mega, above.

Because the season starts tomorrow (yay!!!)… is there an EPL club you follow? It is safe to assume I will judge you if you say Chelsea. – selica

the simple answer here is that i spent quite a few years following United, which i know isn’t all that different than an american following chelsea (booooring). BUT…i followed them because my college coach was sir alex’s goalie at aberdeen, before sir alex was Sir Alex. as such, my affinity is to their scottish success long ago and to sir alex’s coaching style and theory. sir alex would call my coach after every fixture to get his feedback.

that bei
ng said, i’m intrigued by Villa.

i’m sure that last one was like chinese to some of you, but soccer talk is soccer talk (which is football talk).

seriously, ya’ll…thanks for the comments, and be sure to make your monday a great day.

*see that almost literal metaphor? that’s talent, people. talent.

**by the way, these are some of the girls rachel says she wants to introduce to me because she thinks i’m such a catch.

***more info here.

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