Hi, I'm Derek

Hi, I’m Derek Shanahan

Derek ShanahanI’m an entrepreneur & all-around curious person that’s been working in startup wonderland for about ten years now. I advise scaling startups on growth & marketing, often working with teams in the 2-20 person range. Denver’s the homebase these days, probably forever.

In 2007, I helped create one of the world’s largest blogger communities for twenty-somethings, and learned a lot about growth, community and content by jumping into the deep end.

In 2009, I cofounded Foodtree, a foodtech startup based in Vancouver, Canada which was acquired by Mobify in 2015.

I currently head up SuperRewards, a virtual currency startup acquired by Perk.com in 2015.

Those are three short sentences about long, hard grinds that were almost never pretty.

Side projects

Written by dshan on September 2, 2017