Hi, I’m Derek
Derek Shanahan

I’m an entrepreneur & all-around curious person that’s been working in the startup wonderland for more than ten years. I solve growth & marketing pain points for early stage ecommerce and software companies. Denver’s the home base these days.

I recently headed up SuperRewards, a virtual currency startup acquired by Perk.com in 2016. Perk was then acquired by RhythmOne, which through subsequent mergers became a 1000+ person adtech enterprise.

Prior to that I cofounded Foodtree, a foodtech startup based in Vancouver, Canada which was acquired by Mobify in 2016.

In the early Wild West days of social tech, I helped craft one of the world’s largest blogger communities for twenty-somethings. That was pre-Twitter though, so I’m not sure there’s any record of it.

Side projects


  • Tiny Acquire – a weekly digest of interesting small digital businesses for sale. Shut down due to a lack of acceptable assets for sale.
  • Lighthouse – a link-sharing community for community builders. Shut down when I didn’t have bandwidth to drive engagement.
  • TinyStats – a super-simple analytics app. I bought this, eventually sold it for a nominal sum.