Mmmmm, details.

Born on the East Coast, grew up outside of Chicago. Spent the first half of my life as a soccerhead.

Became a web nerd, basically.  Started out blogging, got into building web communities, and took the full plunge in 2009 into my first startup, Foodtree, co-founded and funded in Vancouver, Canada.

After Vancouver, I moved down to SF in 2012 to help a friend with a company called Playerize – still the best-named company I’ve worked on. The logo was a cute penguin. Branding, man.

That company became SuperRewards and sold to in 2016. That same year (same month, actually), Foodtree was sold as well to a company called Mobify. My parents were confused, mostly that I wasn’t rich as a result.

I’m now in Denver, Colorado and don’t plan on leaving.

This is my personal blog, and shouldn’t be construed to represent anything but my own opinions.

The best place to track me down is on twitter [here].  If it’s serious, email me [here].